My name is Malthe Weißschädel, I'm 22 years old and besides being born and raised in Aarhus, I live and breathe for video and image production. 

It's me on the picture, working on my very first video. Not with the best equipment, best camera or best lighting, but with faith in my own abilities.

I always knew I wanted to work with video, be it larger productions or completely independently. I have been editing videos since I was 11 years old and the desire, constant development and joy never stops. I run far on will and on delivering the right result.

I know what messages I want to get out, and whether it's with an iPhone or a Red Weapon camera, I will always be able to send out the right message for the customer in question.

But can I offer you the product and service YOU want?

It might seem like I don't have one niche and for a fact, I don't.

I have dreams and goals to have many niches and be able to master all kinds of video types. Whether it's a simple glass company, a hairdresser or a music video is secondary to me.

My goal is to meet your requirements and achieve a mutual joy and feeling of a good product and service.

Sounds good to you?